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Here are some common questions and some simple answers to them.

1. “Is there free parking?”

For actors? Nope. Sorry! Metered parking is available along Driver Avenue, or there is a Wilson Parking close by. If you’re a client who is hiring our studio to run a casting, then yes, we have free parking available.

2. “Can I come and check out the studio sometime?”

Of course, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to find a time that suits us both.

3. “What are your hours of business?”

We tend not to do self-tapes before 9am or past 4pm, sorry. But you can hire our studio from 8am-7pm.

4. “Do you have Wi-Fi, music system, chairs or props?”

Yep, all of those and more!

5. “Do you suggest any catering?”

We don’t provide catering ourselves, but there are a range of cafés, restaurants and pop-up food places at the Entertainment Quarter (less than 5 mins away).

5.5 “Where’s the best place for a coffee?”

Over at the Entertainment Quarter. We also have a kettle and some tea if that’s more your style.

6. “Is your studio available to hold classes in?”

Absolutely! Give us a call about it.

7. “Can you please cut my Showreel?”