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Here are some common questions and some simple answers to them.

1. “Is there free parking?”

For actors? Nope. Sorry! Metered parking is available along Driver Avenue, or there is a Wilson Parking close by. If you’re a client who is hiring our studio to run a casting, then yes, we have free parking available.

2. “Can I come and check out the studio sometime?”

Of course, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to find a time that suits us both.

3. “What are your hours of business?”

We tend not to do self-tapes before 9am or past 4pm, sorry. But you can hire our studio from 8am-7pm.

4. “Do you have Wi-Fi, music system, chairs or props?”

Yep, all of those and more!

5. “Do you suggest any catering?”

We don’t provide catering ourselves, but there are a range of cafés, restaurants and pop-up food places at the Entertainment Quarter (less than 5 mins away).

5.5 “Where’s the best place for a coffee?”

Over at the Entertainment Quarter. We also have a kettle and some tea if that’s more your style.

6. “Is your studio available to hold classes in?”

Absolutely! Give us a call about it.

7. “How long EXACTLY will it take to get my self-tape out?”

We can promise is that we’ll get it out to you on the same-day as you tape it. The reason we can’t give you an exact timeframe is because our internet connection isn’t the best (you can thank the lack of NBN for that), along with the amount of other tapes we’re working on. But, as we said, it’s always a same day delivery! Usually, within a couple hours from when you walk out the door.

8. “Can I please get a female reader?”

We can’t promise you a male or female reader (we do have both), but you can let us know which you’d prefer and we’ll do our best to make it work. Fun fact: Most of the time Casting Directors don’t care about what gender the reader is…it is YOU they’ve asked to see after all!

9. “Can I come in and tape for a musical theatre audition?”

You sure can! We don’t have a piano (or a pianist), so you’ll need to bring a backing track on an iPhone/Smartphone with a headphone/AUX Cord.

10. “Can you please cut my Showreel?”