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Need to put down an audition? Let us self-tape for you. We’ve been doing it for over 15 years, and we think we’re pretty great.

Our selfies are of the highest quality – we shoot in 4K – which (in layman’s terms) is super, super high-definition. We also have really great studio lights and highly sensitive, studio quality Sennheiser microphones.

“So, what do I need to bring?”

Once you book in a self-tape with us, all you need to do is come in and do your stuff. We point the camera, read (unless you bring your own reader), offer notes or direction (only if you want it), then you leave. We handle the rest! We convert, edit and upload your footage and send it out to whoever it needs to go to, whether that be you, your Agent or the Casting Director.

“Then what happens?”

We deliver your self-tape by a completely private web-page that is only accessible to whoever has the URL. Or by Hightail. Your choice.

Here’s a screen cap of a demo page! (Click the image to view a bigger version)

While we can’t guarantee exactly how long it will take to get your self-tape out, it’s usually within a couple hours. We promise to have it put out on the same day that you come in to put it down.

Here’s a link to download or view our price list.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, here’s what some of our regular clients are saying:

“The Audition Room has been my go-to place for self-tapes for the past four years. The gang in there are always extremely helpful, accommodating and punctual, and they have a genuine interest in making sure you produce a quality product. I’ve been lucky enough to secure two US studio films from tapes I put down with them (thanks for the direction Leon and Daisy!). They’re top notch.”

Stephen Peacocke: Me Before You, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Home & Away.

“The Audition Room has always been so helpful. There is such a friendly environment there that makes me feel safe and comfortable enough to get the best out of my self-tapes. I love it! I have scored a number of roles from doing my self-tapes at The Audition Room. I’m always so thankful I can go tape in their professional rooms and not worry about anything else other than doing my scenes!”

Sophie Lowe: The Returned, The Beautiful Lie, Beautiful Kate.

“Ever since doing auditions at The Audition Room every poo I have done has been porcelain coated and had a bubble entry.”

Nick Boshier: Bondi Hipsters, Soul Mates

“Matt Nable did write us a few words, but there are a few expletives in there so let’s just say he’s a very busy man and he thinks we’re great.”

Matt Nable: Riddick, Arrow, Bikie Wars.

“Daisy, Johnny & Leon, at The Audition Room, are absolutely fabulous to work with. Professional, caring and committed to helping you get the best out of your self-tape, every time. The Audition Room has a very safe and homely environment, a testimony to the friendliness of its staff. Daisy has exceptional comic timing, a profound understanding of scripts and has a special talent in directing. I only use The Audition Room to self-tape when I am in Sydney. It’s safe to say I highly recommend using The Audition Room’s services.”

Georgia Flood: Home & Away, Here Come the Habibs, House Husbands.

“A highly skilled group of passionate creatives who strive to bring out your best work in every session. Sydney is fortunate to have such a reliable resource.”

Christian Antidormi: Spartacus, Strike Back.

“The Audition Room is my saving grace for self-tapes in Sydney. All the amazing staff are so helpful and dedicated to getting you the best tape they can. Visually the tapes are very high quality and professional, and I’m certainly thankful to have found them.”

Maddison Brown: Strangerland, The Kettering Incident.

“I could not speak more highly of The Audition Room! On a personal, and a technical level. I have used their services on countless occasions and will continue to do so. Extremely proficient and professional and always do their best to make an appointment available, even if last minute. Makes the whole audition process, that much easier.”

Todd Lasance: The Vampire Diaries, Spartacus, The Flash.

“My experiences at The Audition Room have had nothing but good vibes. I have made such great friends (who are oh-so-patient!!) and have produced tapes I wouldn’t have anywhere else. No stress of uploads or glitches, The Audition Room allows you to audition with ease!”

Demi Harman: Home & Away, Winners & Losers, Better Homes & Gardens.

“I’ve been using The Audition Room for self-tapes for the UK, USA and Australia over 4 years now. The tapes are always of great quality, the work space is always warm and creative, and perhaps most importantly, the guys bend over backwards to get the tapes cut and ready for distribution in a matter of hours! The Audition Room is great resource for actors auditioning in the modern age.”

Dan MacPherson: The Shannara Chronicles, A Wrinkle in Time, Infini.

“When it comes to the final test, you don’t want anything in the way between you and whoever is sitting behind the image watching your work and that is why I trust The Audition Room with getting it right. Whether on short notice or a complicated group of scenes, The Audition Room is my go to for casting room quality self-tapes.”

Joel Jackson: Peter Allen Not The Boy Next Door, Deadline Gallipoli.