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Sydney's premier Studio Hire facility for Casting Directors and Creatives.

est. 2001

Our central Sydney HQ has been designed to provide a seamless and versatile experience for your casting session, rehearsal, creative workshop or photographic requirements.
All studios have been acoustically treated and come fully equipped with controlled studio LED lighting, Sony 4K Camcorders and tripods, external Sennheiser shotgun mics, climate control and high-speed WiFi.


Professional camera operators and casting professionals can be provided to assist your film or TV casting, with access to FastCapture, Showcast Studio, Studio by CastingApp, and Zoom on all Mac computers. Each studio has an allocated waiting room area.

Specialised technical support from our in-house Casting Networks AU team available to all Casting Directors.


Casting professionals can be provided to read, shoot and edit your self-tape pending availability.

For Casting Networks AU Premium Members wanting to schedule one of your two complimentary headshot or self-tape sessions click HERE.


Our studios can be booked for your production wardrobe fitting and rehearsal. We have two large clothes racks and a Canon Mirrorless Camera that can be utilised if needed.

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